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COSTI’s Youth At-risk Program, Connections, is an holistic program aimed at providing increased accessibility for, and inclusion of, minority and newcomer children and youth in the Scarborough area; to help them to participate in their communities; and to facilitate widespread participation in athletics.

While strategies involving physical activity and recreation appear to be effective in minimizing or removing risk factors faced by many young people, those who need these types of programs the most are also the least likely to gain access to them. By connecting with disaffected children and youth, and providing them with the opportunity to enrich the quality of their lives, and to increase their physical and mental health, Connections aims to help reverse the effects of continuing cut backs in after-school and in-school programs.

Connections is track and field-based, incorporating a training schedule of three days per week for nine months of the year, and divided into two categories: competitive and non-competitive.

Connections is more than just a track club. At the request of parents and participants, on-site seminars hosted by Precinct 41 of the Police Services, are offered on a monthly basis. Seminars cover a variety of topics including: crime prevention, personal safety, and ways of avoiding gangs. Each session take place immediately following the practice, and runs for approximately one hour.

Connections operates out of the Variety Village location from the months of November to March. Outdoor activities are run from Birchmount Stadium from September to the end of October.


Services Available

Youth with aspirations to compete at a local or provincial level receive cardiovascular and resistance training, augmented by weight and strength training.

Participants wishing to improve their fitness level and/or engage in the intramural level of competition are given the same cardiovascular training with less emphasis on resistance and technical training. Participants can always change their direction once they have been enrolled.

The track and field program is currently being offered at Birchmount Stadium in the Summer, and Variety Village in the Fall/Winter.

Who is Eligible

Children and youth between the ages of 5 and 23 are welcome to participate.

Program Intake

Monday and Wednesday 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm
Saturday 8:30 am to 11:00 am

Contact Details for:

Birchmount Stadium, 75 Birchmount Road (Sept. to Oct. and April to July)
Phone: 647.827.1462

This Program is Located at:

Employment Services, Brampton
10 Gillingham Drive, Suite 300
Brampton, ON
Phone: 905.459.8855 |

There is no fee for this service.

COSTI's Connections program is funded by the City of Toronto and the United Way Greater Toronto.

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