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COSTI was involved in a number of activities in 2015/16, but we are most proud of our involvement in a historic and massive initiative that began in November 2015, when the Canadian government undertook a commitment to bring 25,000 refugees to Canada by the end of February. It was a transformative year for us as we were responsible for receiving and resettling 1,900 newcomers in the span of three months.

With the support of all three levels of government, foundations, service providers, local Syrian community organizations and generous Canadians, we were able to help over 1,900 Syrian newcomers settle in their first home in Canada.

COSTI provides immigrants and refugees with knowledge, access and skills that accelerate their ability to engage broadly and deeply in all aspects of Canada society. Please take a moment to read about the experiences of our clients over the past year, particularly the experiences of Syrian newcomers Imad El Hasan (profiled on page 8) and Khaled Abdulwahed (profiled on page 12).

Download our 2015/16 Annual Report here to read more about our clients and COSTI’s work in the community.

The online version of our Annual Report is available here.