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Media Centre

Media Centre

COSTI's Communications Office is the central source for news and information about COSTI and its services. We work diligently to heighten public awareness about COSTI, our services and clients, funders, and partners, through media releases and email announcements.

We help the media access the information and expert sources needed to make your stories, television programs, radio segments, or photographs as authoritative and interesting as possible.

Make COSTI's Communications Office your first point of reference for news assignments that involve: immigration and settlement; language and skills training; specialized employment programs for youth, adults, and internationally trained professionals; problem gambling; housing support for families; mental health issues; and women and seniors' services.

Contact the Communications Office to:

  • schedule an interview with COSTI's President, Pin Alberelli-Arone, or our Chief Executive Officer, Samina Sami
  • connect with expert sources on breaking news topics
  • obtain the most current and accurate information about our programs, clients, volunteers, and history of COSTI

We can be reached by phone, fax, or email. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. If you call the office during non-work hours, please leave a voice mail, and we will return your call as quickly as possible.


Please call us as soon as you have a story that you think may involve COSTI. The sooner we know your needs, the better our capability to connect you with an expert speaker, volunteer, or client who can provide an authoritative interview before your deadline.


In all cases, camera crews must first receive permission from our office before taping or broadcasting at COSTI locations. Our representatives can help guide a video crew, including lighting and sound technicians, through the process of setting up a video shoot. We can help you determine where to set up and make the necessary arrangements. With prior notice, we can also arrange for a camera crew to attend a workshop or class, tape a live event, or conduct interviews.


Staff, clients, and volunteers can be made available for radio tapings or live broadcasts. Radio spots can also be recorded from a COSTI location. Our staff ensure that radio shows obtain the best possible access and interviews.


We are happy to assist photographers in getting original shots of COSTI locations, staff, clients, and volunteers. Please call us to arrange for a photo shoot. We are also able to provide up-to-date photographs from our archives. These files can be e-mailed immediately on short notice.