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COSTI's Strategic Plan 2020-25

COSTI's Strategic Plan 2020-25

In January 2020, COSTI’s Board of Directors and staff began the process of planning for the future through the development of new strategic directions that would guide the organization for the next five years. Excited for the future, we quickly began approaching leaders in the community and government representatives that could be a resource in helping us to identify community needs and service gaps and build a stronger Canada for the future.

Two months later, everything changed drastically and the world shut down due to a global pandemic that would significantly impact our lives, both personally and professionally. COVID-19 quickly made us adjust our approach and direction, as it became apparent that the current methods of helping our clients were not enough. We needed to rethink how we could ensure that seniors, individuals suffering from mental health issues and families in need of shelter were able to continue to receive help in accessing services and basic necessities. We needed to rethink how newcomers living in the greater Toronto area could stay connected and continued to receive help in finding employment or learning English.

The strategy was developed against a background of uncertainty and informed by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It consequently focuses on exploring ways of expanding and delivering online services, strengthening our financial position through financial contingency planning and raising funds through the support of donors and foundations. While we know that the future includes change and some uncertainty, COSTI’s confidence in its post-pandemic future and our strong belief in its mission, is reflected throughout the plan in communicating the impact and value immigrants bring to Canada, and how, in providing opportunities for success, we can work to build a stronger Canada together.

COSTI is committed to building a stronger Canada by helping newcomers succeed in their new country. How we plan on meeting the commitment:

Strategic Direction 1: Connect in Ways that Matter
Expand service delivery opportunities, grow our digital programs and reach beyond bricks and mortar

Strategic Direction 2: Address What Matters Most
Provide opportunities for success by eliminating key barriers including housing, mental health, employment opportunities and childcare

Strategic Direction 3: Build Sustainability
Build financial contingency plans and develop and implement a robust fundraising strategy to address service needs not currently funded by traditional sources and pursue non-traditional donors who share COSTI’s vision and values

Strategic Direction 4: Affirm, Communication and Advocate on What Matters Most
Communicate that COSTI is one of the leading immigrant service organizations in Canada, committed to building a prosperous and inclusive Canada by demonstrating the impact and value that immigrants bring to Canada; and develop a public policy strategy that addresses issues that affect our clients’ well-being and success, by influencing public policy and contributing to a public dialogue on the contribution of newcomers to creating a prosperous and inclusive Canada

Please take a moment to learn more about COSTI’s Strategic Plan 2020-2025.