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Employer Services

Employer Services

Hiring the right people is critical to the success of any business. COSTI’s professional staff can connect employers to skilled and motivated candidates looking for work. COSTI takes the time to understand each employer’s unique staffing needs, find the best candidate to meet those needs and continue to monitor the placement to ensure satisfaction. All candidates are pre-screened and available for interviews so that employers can make a final decision. If training is involved, COSTI staff will assist in developing training plans and in providing ongoing assistance and support to the employer and the trainee. Employers may also be eligible to receive a training and/or wage subsidy to offset costs related to providing training opportunities.

COSTI has candidates for all industries and at all levels from entry level to professional and draws from a broad pool of highly motivated individuals. In 2018, COSTI helped place over 3,000 with employers.

Services Available

  • Initial planning and consultation to better understand the business’s human resource needs.
  • Pre-screening applicants to the employer’s specifications and setting up interviews.
  • Development of a training plan and ongoing support to ensure success.
  • Job postings to solicit applications from a broad range of individuals seeking employment.
  • On-site recruitment opportunities and/or job fairs.
  • Workplace training on a variety of topics such as English language and Diversity Training are also available.
  • Training and/or wage subsidies where applicable.

Staff in COSTI’s Employment Division speak the following languages: Amharic, Arabic, Cantonese, Czech, Dari, Farsi, Filipino, French, Ga, German, Gujarati, Hindi, Italian, Mandarin, Oromo, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Somali, Spanish, Tagalog, Tigrinia, Twi, and Urdu.

Who is Eligible

All registered companies doing business in the Province of Ontario.

This Program is Located at:

Employment Services, Brampton
10 Gillingham Drive, Suite 300
Brampton, ON
Phone: 905.459.8855 |
Employment Services, Mississauga
6750 Winston Churchill Boulevard, Unit 8A
Mississauga, ON
Phone: 905.567.0482 |
Employment Services, Toronto
2301 Keele Street, Suite 102
Toronto, ON
Phone: 416.789.7925 |
Employment Services, Vaughan Centre
3100 Rutherford Road, Suite 102
Vaughan, ON
Phone: 905.669.5627 |
Employment Services, Weston
1885 Weston Road
Toronto, ON
Phone: 416.588.2240 |
Vaughan Centre
3100 Rutherford Road, Suite 102
Vaughan, ON
Phone: 905.669.5627 |

There is no fee for this service.

COSTI's Employer Services program is an Employment Ontario Program, funded in part by the Government of Canada.

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Meeting Your Employment Needs in the GTA, Peel and York Region

Contact any of the locations listed below to help you find the right person for your employment needs.

Caledonia Centre
Tel: 416.784.JOBS

Centre for Foreign Trained Professionals & Tradespeople
Tel: 416.784.JOBS

Tel: 905.948.0572

Tel: 905.457.7740

Vaughan Centre
Tel: 905.669.JOBS

Hire an Apprentice, It's Good For Your Business!

For more information on how to hire the right person for the job, download our Apprenticeship Brochure [Adobe PDF, 50 KB].

Five Easy Steps to Hiring an Apprentice

Hiring an apprentice is a simple, straight forward process.

Step 1: Have a qualified journeyperson on staff to train an apprentice.

Step 2: Call 416.789.JOBS, or 905.669.JOBS. COSTI's expert staff can help you find the right apprentice.

Step 3: You must register your apprentice with the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities to begin the training program and take advantage of the government of Ontario financial assistance available.

Step 4: Train your apprentice. Your apprentice will learn on-the-job from the journeyperson on your staff.

Step 5: Release your apprentice to attend class. In-class training is an integral part of the apprenticeship. In-class time ensures that your apprentice is knowledgeable and up-to-date with the most recent trends and technology. Classroom training comes at no cost to you as the employer.