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Language Training for Employees (LTE)

Language Training for Employees (LTE)

Language Training for Employees (LTE) meets employers' needs by offering flexible, easily accessible, and practical language instruction for their employees, onsite or online. We provide customized group and individual training sessions with a core curriculum that offers functional language phrases and real, authentic workplace scenarios to increase language proficiency—focusing on safety, workplace communication, reading, and writing skills while embodying workplace culture.

The LTE program provides employers with a compressive approach to increasing their employees' productivity through language training and coaching. We offer a range of services to fit the needs of the employer and their work setting.

A service fee accompanies the LTE program.

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Services Available

  • Needs analysis to identify language training needs
  • Language assessment to determine employees' language level
  • Individualized planning to meet the employee’s language goals
  • Customized curriculum
  • Life Skills and everyday communication
  • Program planning and set-up
  • Delivery of English language training and workplace culture
  • Online services provide access without geographical restrictions

Who is Eligible

The onsite Language Training for Employees program is available to employers within Ontario.

Contact Details for:

Language Training for Employees (LTE)
Phone: 416.244.9980

This Program is Located at:

Language & Skills Training Services, North York
Sheridan Mall, 1700 Wilson Avenue, Suite 206
Toronto, ON M3L 1B2
Phone: 416.244.9980 |

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