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New2Canada Host Program

New2Canada Host Program

Interested in temporarily hosting a family new to Canada?

The New2Canada Host program provides opportunities for assisting newcomers to Canada as they settle into their new home country. By temporarily hosting a newcomer family, you can help support newcomers as they embark on their journey, through your warmth and hospitality that Canada is known for.

COSTI is dedicated to supporting newly arrived families who require time and assistance to settle, find employment and integrate into Canada. Your support in hosting a newcomer in your home for a brief period can make a significant difference.

FAQs for Hosts: 

1. Who are the newcomers arriving in Toronto?

The New2Canada program is providing support to newly arriving individuals and families that have entered Canada primarily through three different immigration pathways:

a. Skilled Workers
b. Provincial Nominees
c. Family Class

All hold legal status to live and work in Canada with some having secured employment prior to arrival.

2. Are there any countries in particular from which people are arriving

Newcomers arrive in Canada daily, with many seeking to settle in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). They come from various corners of the globe. Among the three immigration pathways outlined, a significant number is arriving from India, the Philippines, Nigeria, China and various countries in South America.

3. For how long do I have to host a family?

There is no fixed requirement or duration for hosting a family. You have the flexibility to decide how long you can accommodate them in your home. Some hosts welcome newcomers for weeks, while others can offer space for months. We're open to discussing with you to determine the best duration based on your availability and preferences.

4. Do I have to provide my guests with meals and/or cover any other expenses for them?

No, the New2Canada program simply asks hosts to offer a clean and safe room for their guests on a temporary basis. Guests are responsible for covering all their living expenses. However, if hosts wish to share meals or assist with errands, that's entirely up to their preference. Participation in the program is not obligatory and there's no expectation for hosts to provide additional support beyond offering accommodation.

5. How do I become a Host?

Please complete the form below to indicate your interest in hosting a newcomer family. Shortly after, a member of our team will reach out to you to gather further information about you and your home. The next step involves obtaining a Vulnerable Sector Check from your local police department. Following that, we will arrange an in-person site visit to your home, marking the final step of the process.

Once these steps are completed, you will be added to our roster. We will then notify you when a suitable candidate for your home becomes available. Thank you for your willingness to participate in our program.

6. Is there any compensation available for hosting a newcomer?

Regrettably, there is no financial compensation for hosting an individual or family in your home. This program relies solely on volunteers. Accommodations are provided free of charge for a temporary period. Drawing from our experience over the past few years of operating a host program, the true compensation lies in the satisfaction of helping a family during their transitional phase and offering them a nurturing and supportive environment as they begin their journey in Canada.

To express your interest, please fill this form: New2Canada Host Program Application

Click here to download the flyer.

Services Available

Here's what you need to know:

  • COSTI will reach out to you to provide further details about the program.
  • All persons living in the house over the age of 18 years will need a valid Vulnerable Sector Screening, which COSTI will facilitate.
  • Host agreements can be tailored to suit your availability, ranging from a few weeks to several months. 

This Program is Located at:

North York Centre
Sheridan Mall, 1700 Wilson Avenue, Suite 114
Toronto, ON M3L 1B2. PO Box 88
Phone: 416.244.0480 |

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