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Monthly Giving

Monthly Giving

By joining our monthly giving program, you can spread your donation over the entire year.

Monthly giving is a wonderful way to give because:

  • It provides COSTI with a sustainable and secure amount of income each and every month, allowing us to plan more effectively in order to better respond to the ever-changing needs of the community.
  • It is efficient: COSTI saves the administrative costs of donor mailings throughout the year, allowing us to put more of your donation to work.
  • You still receive all newsletters and updates.
  • It is easy to give via Visa, MasterCard, or pre-authorized chequing.
  • You can give a more substantial gift to COSTI with greater ease because payments are spread out over the whole year.
  • You can cancel, change or increase your gift at any time.
  • There are two ways of becoming a monthly donor: through credit card or pre-authorized withdrawals from your chequing account. It's easy to get started. Simply send us the following:
  • Your credit card number with expiry date OR a void cheque complete with your name and address, and
  • A monthly donor form or letter stating the amount that you would like to donate each month, and indicating your preference of having your withdrawals processed on either the 15th or 27th of each month. You can donate as little as $5 per month.

Here are some of the ways that demonstrate how little it costs to make a difference:

$10 per month will pay for three hours of Art Therapy allowing traumatized children from war-torn countries to work through their pain and fear, and get a second chance at childhood.

That's only $2.31 per week or 32.9 cents per day.

$15 per month will help recruit and train volunteers to support those women attempting to leave abusive relationships through COSTI's Violence Against Women program.

That's only $3.41 per week or 49.3 cents per day.

$20 per month will support a drop-in centre for homeless or marginally housed individuals and families in order to prevent eviction and to assist them in securing suitable and affordable housing.

That's only $4.62 per week or 65.3 cents per day.